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    Mar 19, 2009
    My bator went into lockdown last night and I am having problems getting my humidity up. I had both plugs out the entire time I incubated because I was able to keep steady temps with them out and since it is still air it would help with circulating air. I did a dry incubation at humidity around 30-40% but now I can't get the humidity past 49%. I have all the water wells filled, 2 sponges and a little bowl filled. I put a plug back in but it isn't helping the humidity. I don't want to open the bator to add another sponge, don't think I would have room for a 3rd anyways. Any ideas or suggestions?

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    Jan 30, 2007
    Take a sponge out and try adding a new clean wet dishcloth. Sometimes I find that does better than the sponge for adding humidity.
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    did you plug both holes back up? I had to keep both holes plugged or it circulated the air too fast to keep the humidity up. If you can`t get the humidity up high enough , then you`ve got enough air circulation to put the other plug back in without worrying.
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