any thoughts on breeds and is she a boy


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Oct 5, 2010


Hey all first time posting. any thoughts on the breeds i know the little gal is a speckled sussex but all i know of the other 4 is there fancy's and they were suppose to be hens but the brown 0ne (recies pieces) is starting to look like a boy. If thats the case do you think the little bantam will be ok with him doing his busness. She is the only survivor of a racoon attack that killed 3 of her sisters. before i was able to shoot him She sufferd a bite right behind her neck but she recovered well i would not want her to be hurt by him. He hasnt crowed or anything and they are all about 14 weeks old. The Grey one ( Snow girl) is kinda a bully to the rest including recies which is kinda my only hope that he is a hen would a rooster get bullyied by a smaller hen? thanks for the help
The blue and the black look to be cochin pullets. The barred one is a Barred Rock. What type of comb does the brown one have? If it's a single it's probably a cochin if it's a pea comb it could be a's a rooster. The smaller one does not look to be a Speckled mille fleur color pattern and it has yellow legs.....sussex have white legs.
Love those chochins. They are pretty!!

I'd like to see a pic of his tail, but I think that brown one is a roo, too.
The buff (brown) is a buff Brahma and looks to be a roo (a pic of the bird's side and tail would help). The black, blue, and barred are Cochin pullets. The barred has featherd legs so isn't a barred Rock. I don't see any birds in the pics that look like Speckled Sussex. I see one that could be a Rhode Island Red but would need to see a better pic of that one as well.

The pics are from a phone they didnt come out very well sorry but there 1 of his tail will the little bantam be ok with her? trying to find a better pic of the little 1
I have a bantam Buff Brahma and I love him! He's a gentleman roo, he's brave, and he's friendly. Plus, it's a hoot to watch him run! Looks just like a miniature, feathered Tyrannasauras Rex!

here is a better pic my wife was told when she got them she was speckled susex? i didn't really know she was a bantam till we got the other chicks and saw the size differance, she is the same age but she was hurt and was not eating for a while
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