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Any tips and advice for using the deep litter method for ducks?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by LoveMyDaisyGirl, Aug 21, 2016.

  1. LoveMyDaisyGirl

    LoveMyDaisyGirl In the Brooder

    Aug 16, 2016
    Hello everyone! I have been trying the deep litter method for the last month or so since my babies moved out to their house! So far I think it has been going well but some days I feel like there is a poo smell to it more than other days. I've never smelled an ammonia smell which is good but I just wondered if this was normal? I read that it should have no smell at all if you do it right. So if anyone had any advice, tips, or stories about their experience with the deep litter method I'd love to hear from you! [​IMG]

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