Any tips for flying with a 9 month old on plane?

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    I'm going to be flying down to see my family on the 1st and since this is a last minute thing my husband can't come. My father's health isn't to good and he found out he has a large rare cancer in the liver that is most likely untreatable and he might only have a short time left. It will be his first time of seeing his grandson and it is a surprise. He is the only one that doesn't know we are showing up.

    So far I know I need to get his BC to take for verification. I only have the slip from the hospital stating they don't have to provide a BC anymore and I'd have to go to the clerk's office to buy a copy.

    I'm also hoping I find an umbrella stroller at the store to put him in while in the airport. I have to switch planes once and he is a big boy at 25lbs. I don't want my arms falling off carrying him. He doesn't care for baby carriers even though I have a nice Ergo one. I know one of the airports makes you take it off to put through the x-ray machine. It takes me 10-15 minutes to get him in one instead 2 for a stroller.

    I plan on checking on a bag and I've never done that before. I normally just cram everything in a size appropriate (kids travel bag) to carry on. How long does it take usually to check a bag on? I'm just trying to figure out how much time I need to get there. It's a small airport with only 2 security lines. I usually just give myself and hour from the time I get out the car but with having my son and the check on bag I need to make sure I have time.

    Also one big thing is I won't be bringing any debit/credit cards with me. How will they go about charging me for my check on bag? Will they have the information from where I bought the ticket and just charge it through that or are they going to want a card? I will have cash with me that I could pay with.

    Both plane rides down I got the first seat that is by itself. I thought that would be better to give me an idea of how he does cause the flights back I'm going to be in the middle sitting next to someone. It was the only seats they had left.

    I'll only be taking on a diaper bag for the carry on. I don't carry much stuff anyway. I usually just use a wallet. I want to keep what I have to lug around minimal. I usually get my tickets and everything ready before hand.
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    - I think a credit card is needed, just in case

    - Do you need some documentation for your baby? Like a passport, since he doesn't have a drivers license? I have travelled with my kids, even just in the US, and I always have their passports, can't remember if you need them though. Look that up.

    - I would show up two hours before your flight leaves, better to wait then to be late

    - bring stuff for him to play with that you are happy loosing

    - yes, you want an umbrella stroller, best thing to take, they will gate check it for you, which means you give it to them at the entrance to the airplane, and then you pick it back up at the entrance to the airplane (sometimes they are a bit slow, so ask when you get off where the stroller is)

    - bring something he can drink from (sippy cup, whatever, just something he can't spill) it has to be empty through security, but then you can fill it up at a water fountain.

    - bring something that takes him a long time to eat, and that will make as little mess as possible. Maybe a granola bar, one without a chocolate coating.

    - bring some treat he loves, that he almost never gets as an "emergency, no matter how bad of a melt down he is having, he will hush and eat it". Something small is good, like M&Ms.

    - crayons and paper is good, as long as you realize that you will have to draw with him, and make stories out of the drawings etc. just realize that all crayons might get lost.

    - some people resort to drugs, ask your doctor first, but it can be a good choice.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for the information.

    They require a birth certificate for him along with my ID. I did call about the bags cause they switched my single seats. It was due to there only being 1 oxygen mask. They said I can pay $25 cash for first bag at the airport. I did go on and pick out window seats so he can look out. He loves looking out windows. I'll change him before boarding to help avoid getting up and down. I'm also going to ask if there are any seats available without anyone sitting next to them.

    I'll only be using bottles for food at the airport. My son is tongue tied and his doctor kept saying he didn't need it clipped since he was eating fine. Well know that he is on chunkier stuff and finger foods he is constantly choking, gagging, and vomiting. He can't move the food around in his mouth good cause of the limit of his tongue. I've been trying to get a hold of them this week about it since she was on vacation. Haven't heard back yet. I don't want him choking and throwing up on the plane. He has choked where he couldn't breathe before till we tipped him over and hard pat his back to get his to hack the food out. He makes a mess with a sippy cup. He takes to much in before swallowing so it runs all over his chest and down the back of his neck.

    I did see online to use the formula packets instead using up bag space with the formula dispenser. I also seen to bring sanitizing wipes for the plane.

    I haven't decided whether to use a diaper bag or a tote bag yet. People kept talking about using tote bags cause they held more.

    I got thinking of bringing an empty water bottle to fill up after security just so I don't have to mess with telling them and pulling the bottle out.

    I'll buy a couple of cheap new toys for him and bring an old junk one.
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    Jan 12, 2010
    bring something he can chew on to relieve the pressure on his ears during the ascent and decent... most baby's end up crying cause they don't understand why it hurts.
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    I seen people online mention to give pain reliever 30 minutes before boarding incase the sucking doesn't work. I have sensitive ears to the pressure and he seems to have ears like mine. I know they have the shorter tube which doesn't help.
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    Travel at night ;)
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    crying will help clear the ears, so.....when the discomfort of blocked ears begins on the descent, relax with the crying.

    This is a must: If you have an emergency depressurization there is a "time of useful consciousness" that will allow you to put your oxygen mask on, put your mask on first, otherwise if you put your child's mask on first then "time of useful consciousness" might not give you enough time for your mask, the time available depends on the altitude of the aircraft at the time of depressurization. The flight crew will be descending to 14,000 feet as rapidly as possible where supplemental oxygen is not required. This requirement of "your mask on first/child's mask on second"is against the normal motherly instinct.

    I would not give them any drugs, you do not know how each drug effects the body's ability to carry oxygen to the brain, check with a Dr. before you administer drugs, most doctors are not "flight surgeons" so tell them why you are asking "how does high altitude (lower levels of oxygen) change the way this drug affects my child? Aircraft are designed to keep the "altitude" at about 7000 feet, just a little higher than Denver. I still can't figure out why the FAA allows alcoholic beverages on flights, one of my pet peeves.

    every airport is different with time it takes from curb to boarding because of security. I retired before 9/11 so lots has changed. BC was never required before that date.

    I will check BYC again if you have specific questions, I might know some of the answers. Flying is much safer than driving.
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    I saw something recently about a couple who brought a bulk bag of ear plugs along for their Babies (twins) first flight. They handed them out to the other passengers along with a note from the twins.... I thought it was a really neat idea. Not really necessary but at least they didn't have to worry about dealing with cranky kid intolerant people.

    As for your little guy, bring anything you can, bottle, soother, chewy toys, blankets ect.
    Check on the liquid restrictions. You may have to bring an empty bottle and fill it up after security checks.
    Good luck :)

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