Any tips greatly appreciated.


8 Years
Jun 21, 2011
Goliath is a bantam mixed breed. She came to live with me around a week old because she had a slipped tendon that was not able to be repaired. As a chick, she got around pretty well, but now she's almost full grown and her good leg is splaying and not able to get her around like it used to. I need to find a way to make her a mini-wheelchair. Gogo deserved to be comfortable and right now, she's not. So, I plan on working on some ideas today, but if anyone has already built a chicken wheelchair, or something similar, please post me any tips, photos or ideas. Thanks so much.
Yeah. That's sort of what I'm in the middle of building right now. Not sure if it will work, or if she will even take to it, but hey, can't hurt to try right? Funniest part so far is that the wheels in the back were taken from my son's old skates and they actually light up when they roll lol.
I was able to get her to stay in there for about 10 minutes without freaking out. It was only after I moved her back into her area, that she got herself halfway out of it. I'm happy with the results for my first try. I'll keep putting her in every hour or so to get her adjusted. who know, maybe soon she will understand how to make her good leg work to get her around! (wheelchair pieces were made from an old cheap cat tree house, old rollerskate wheels and one furniture wheel and lots of time and thought.)


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