Any Tips on nail trimming? 乁(´• ヘ •`)ㄏ


May 16, 2015
Also get a few logs with bark , a cement pad that they need to walk over ( by a door ), to help wear them down.

Get the stop powder for bleeding first, but bird nail trimmers and as said above cut a little every few days , the quick which is blood will move away from the cut .

Try to set things up so they wear them down naturally, it’s good for them too

Good luck :)


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Get the stop powder for bleeding first
Corn starch will work in a pinch.

Not sure I'd try trimming chicken nails.
At least with a dog you can keep them confined and quiet until bleeding truly stops,
I've had some gushers that took all day to fully coagulate.
Have started using coarse drum sander on dremel to trim dogs nails,
then if/when you hit the quick it's a tiny spot the size of straight pin instead of a number 2 pencil lead. Cathartic rambling as we're (over)due to trim soon.

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