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  1. OldEnglishGameBantam33
    Cupcake - Columbian Wyandotte

    Jellybean - Columbian Wyandotte


    Peck - Black-sex-linked

    Popcorn - Buff Orphington (sorry this is the only pic I have of her!) lol!

    Bille - RIR

    Spirit - Barred Rock

    Lemon Meringue - Buff Orphington mix

    And... Daisy!!!- OEGB

    Freckles - Columbian Wyandotte (Crossed beak and Foul Pocks)
    Scribbles - Columbian Wyandotte (Not known)
    Risa - Columbian Wyandotte (Hawk)
    Random Songbird - (Hawk) (See this thread for more info!


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  1. OldEnglishGameBantam33
    Thank you to everyone who rated and commented! :)
  2. NFB
    Pretty birds!
    1. OldEnglishGameBantam33
      Thank you! I am proud of them!
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  3. SongBaby33

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