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  1. OldEnglishGameBantam33
    Name~ Fern
    Age~ 12
    Gender~ Female
    Personality~ TBRP
    Discription~ firey red hair and a face full of freckles. Her hair goes down to her elbows and she has bangs. Sky blue eyes.
    Spirit Form~ Fox: Ginger-red fur
    Family~ Only child, father expect good grades and are strict. They still love her even though it is hard to see on the outside. Mother died before she was born.
    Other~ upload_2019-1-22_10-52-50.png

    Name~ Max
    Age~ 12
    Gender~ boy
    Personality~ TBRP
    Discription~ Chocolate brown hair with lots of freckles and blue eyes.
    Spirit Form~ Eagle
    Family~ dead. He is an orphan.
    Other~ possible crush for someone.

    Name~ Winona
    Age~ 40
    Gender~ female
    Personality~ TBRPed
    Discription~ wiry white hair, grey eyes and has a wooden staff with tiny engravements.
    Spirit Form~ Bengal Tiger
    Family~ Unknown

    Name~ Milo
    Age~ 12
    Gender~ boy
    Personality~ TBRP
    Discription~ short brown hair with brown eyes.
    Spirit Form~ Owl
    Family~ n/a

    Name~ Arcadia Knightley
    Age~ 14
    Gender~ F
    Personality~ tbrp
    Discription~ Petite and thin with longish wavy light auburn hair and hazel-brown eyes (like me!)
    Spirit Form~ Clouded leopard
    Family~ She has sisters but they are too young to go to the school
    Other~ n/a
    Also I may forget about this
    So pm me if I become inactive and I might give my char to someone upload_2019-1-22_21-44-50.png
    Name~ Alyssa
    Age~ 12
    Gender~ Female
    Personality~ Sweet, gentle, caring, bright, surprisingly fierce whilst protecting those she loves
    Description~ Redhead with wavy hair that goes to her shoulder blades, pale green eyes, petite, light tan, a few freckles on her face
    Spirit Form~ otter
    Family~ (Open)
    Other~ upload_2019-1-22_11-7-35.png
    Name: Lara
    Age: 12
    Gender: female
    Personality: she never backs down from a fist fight, usually wins fist fights
    Description: she has wavy brown hair down to her elbows and electric blue eyes that makes you feel as though someone has looked into your soul
    Spirit form- deer (the only thing to tell her apart from other animals is how blue her deer eyes are)
    Family: open
    Other: she needs a friend or possibly two

    Name: India (Indy for short)
    Age: 13
    Gender: female
    Personality: graceful, pretty, flawless and calm
    Description: Golden hair with sapphire blue eyes and tanned skin
    Spirit animal: golden pheasant
    Family; has a younger sister and her father is dead

    Name: Antonia
    Age: 12
    Gender: female
    Personality: she is smart, outgoing and never backs away from a debate
    Description: she has long straight hair which reached her knees and so it is always worn out she has dark brown almost black eyes
    Spirit Animal: Horse- chestnut
    Family: she has 6 older brothers and she is the only girl as her mother died when she was 3
    Other: she likes to connect to animals whether that’s just sitting in a paddock it makes her feel warm and safe

    Name~ Dave
    Age~ 14
    Gender~ Male
    Personality~ TBRP
    Spirit Form~ Blue Tabby cat
    Family~ His parents and his sister Kathy
    Other~ Kinda likes Jessica

    Name~ Jessica
    Age~ 14
    Gender~ Female
    Personality~ TBRP
    Spirit Form~ Orange Tabby
    Family~ Her parents and her one sibling
    Other~ Can make cat noises.
    Name~ Brook Olsen
    Age~ 12
    Gender~ Female
    Personality~ TBRPed
    Description~ Short girl with hip length strawberry blonde hair, large green eyes, and freckles across her nose.
    Spirit Form~ Dove with those curled feet
    Family~ Foster child, she changes houses in this town, Blossom is twin sister
    Other~ Has a German Shepard/Border Collie puppy. Does 4h with her 3 d'uccles, 3 bantam GLW, and 4 breeding doves.

    Name~ Blossom Olsen
    Age~ 12
    Gender~ Female
    Personality~ TBRPed
    Description~ Same as Brooke,
    Spirit Form~ Broad-billed Hummingbird
    Family~ Brooke is twin sister
    Other~ Vegan, LOVES smoothies, has a kitten named Jingle. Does 4h with her Sheep.
    Name~ Luna
    Age~ 12 years
    Gender~ F
    Personality~ TBRP
    Discription~ long black hair, often wears a dress with moon on it
    Spirit Form~ wolf with moon on chest
    Family~ Open
    Other~ Ummmm.... She likes Pheonixes
    Name: Noah
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Personality: (to be revealed)
    Description: dark, slightly curly hair, 6’5”, with super model build and face.
    Spirit form: Black Leopard
    Family: ran away from home at age ten, was pretty much adopted by his aunt, who got him into a high school. Since receiving his spirit form, spends his free time living wild.
    Other- my only character.

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