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  1. OldEnglishGameBantam33
    Leader: open
    Deputy: open
    Medicine Cat: open
    Warriors: Emberfeather, Lichenstep, Sootfur, Dewfang, Foxyfang, Birdclaw, Ravenwing
    Apprentices: Flamepaw, Rustpaw-(Mentor: Dewfang), Sparkypaw
    Queens: Terraclaw-(Pidgeonkit)
    Kits: Pidgeonkit, Honeykit
    Elders: open

    Name- Terraclaw
    Power- Earth
    Rank- Queen
    Personality- Kind and motherly but has that sassy tell it like is backbite and can throw a wild mood swing when something triggers it.
    Age- 43 moons
    Physical Looks- Creamy brown with pretty black markings stretching across her.
    Wings- Dark maple brown that have a dragon feel to them
    Gender- f
    Other- Pidgeonkits mom

    Name- Ravenwing
    Power- Shadow
    Rank- Warrior
    Personality- Kind of odd for a shadow cat. He’s not very outgoing and likes to Ben on his own but has friends. He prefers to be alone with his friends but doesn’t be mind approaching them when they are talking on other cats.
    Age- 23 moons
    Physical Looks- Pure black with light blue eyes and a shimmery sheen on his fur.
    Wings- Shadowy and black.
    Gender- M

    Name- Emberfeather
    Power- Fire and Air
    Rank- Warrior
    Personality- To be role played(she's important so not much will he revealed yet)
    Age- 23 moons
    Physical Looks- Bright ginger with lavender markings and green eyes. Her fur is long and wispy that flows in the breeze.
    Wings- Large and feathery that are bright purple.
    Gender- F

    Name- Flamepaw
    Power- Fire and Ice
    Rank- Apprentice
    Personality- To be role played I'm undecided now
    Age- 7 moons
    Physical Looks- Bright ginger with white markings over her eyes and a single black paw.
    Wings- Idk now
    Gender- F

    Name- Rustpaw (sorry, I just had to)
    Power- Fire
    Rank- Apprentice
    Personality- Kind, Honest, Loyal, Bold.
    Age- 7 moons (just became an apprentice)
    Physical Looks- Scruffy, rust-red colored tom with hazel eyes
    Wings- Robin wings that stretch five feet long so he usually had them tucked to the sides of his body.

    Name- Pidgeonkit
    Power- Air
    Rank- Kit
    Personality- TBRPed
    Age- 3 moons
    Physical Looks- Longhaired kit with blue eyes so light that they look white. Her face, paws, and tail are a chocolate brown and fade into a peachy brown.
    Wings- Creamy brown color Dovewings
    Gender- M
    Other- Kit of Terraclaw

    Power- Shadow
    Rank- New Warrior
    Personality- Quiet, secluded, shy, strong, rarely loves other cats but when he does he is extremely loyal. (Siblings with Foxyfang)
    Age- 20 moons
    Physical Looks- Shadow grey cat with dark green eyes and slender paws
    Wings- crow wings
    Gender- Tom

    Name- Lichenstep
    Power- Earth
    Rank- Warrior
    Personality- (It pretty much fits the Earth description)
    Age- 18 moons
    Physical Looks- Light brown tabby with amber eyes, darker brown swirls all over her pelt
    Wings- A kind of pigmented sunny color
    Gender- Female
    Name- Birdclaw
    Power- Air
    Rank- Warrior
    Personality- TBD
    Age- 44 moons
    Physical Looks- White with long hair but has peachy brown swirls all across body
    Wings- None
    Gender- Tom

    Name- Dewfang
    Power- Water
    Rank- Warrior
    Personality- TBRP
    Age- 20 moons
    Physical Looks- Blue tabby with white swirls and blue/grey eyes. Has a regular length tail that is kind of fluffy.
    Wings- Blue and liquid-ish looking
    Mate- Open
    Gender- Tom
    Name: foxyfang
    Power: Shadow
    Rank: warrior
    Personality: sly, secluded, quiet, brave, will steer clear of a fight unless she is threatened,
    (Siblings with Sootfur)
    Age: 15 moons (?)
    Physical description: dark silver grey fur with wide murky green eyes
    Wings: wispy, shadowed wings
    Mate: open
    Gender: she-cat

    Name: Jezzapaw
    Power: Fire
    Rank: apprentice(?)
    Personality: fits Fire perfectly! With just one exception. She loses her temper easily and when she does it is hard to get back on her good side
    Age: 12 moons
    Physical description: dark crimson red colored coat, sleek, Lea with gold eyes laced with red
    Wings: thick bat like wings which tuck neatly away and sit firmly at her side
    Mate: NA
    Gender: she-cat

    Name: Sparkypaw
    Power: Electricity
    Rank: apprentice
    Personality: is good at making people/cats laugh, never backs down from a fight, will not hesitate to start a fight eather
    Age: 7 moons
    Physical description: she has a pale silver coat with dark blue splashes and bright yellow eyes
    Wings: NA
    Mate: NA
    Gender: F

    Name- Honeykit
    Power- Air
    Rank- Kit
    Personality- very sensitive, independent, sweet, altruistic, naive, TBRP
    Age- However old pigeonkit is
    Physical Looks- Fawn calico (peach brown, cream and white), with thick, soft fur and hazel green eyes
    Wings- none
    Gender- female

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