any way to tell coturnix coturnix, fertility or age?


8 Years
Feb 16, 2011
Newport Tennessee
can you tell the age of quail, and any way to tell if past fertility, or just need something to get them to lay/mate? i just got what maybe two males and female, though one has color of male, but pattern of female on chest. the one guessing now is the female was half the size when got her, and had huge vent compared to tiny vent of large two with tiny vents, but she has seemingly grew up quick in about a week. was she younger and threw in with couple older males to make sale, or runty and just now getting to size with treats (mealworms, premioum and wild seed mix leftovers, vitamin water, baby dubia and hisser roach babies, and chick starter, as well as fresh greens)? how long will take for a hen of full size to lay, or should she have started already? she seemed huge compared to the others sold next day, even as runt of three, so thought in dark was male of trio)? the one i know is male has been trying to mount, but bless his heart he cant get up there, and not sure if third is male he is mounting, or female he is plucking bald and or fighting with. the one who i know in light of day to be female is never mounted, but other one with knob on beak and both traits but tiny vent is getting bald and bloody and injured on top of head, so removed to aviary with nesting tiels for now. how long are coturnix coturnix quail fertile for, and any way to try to induce mating,egg laying, fertility/speed it up? they seem happiest when left in open cage to spread and dust bath, and chase little bugs, tried putting in pen outside in moist green grass, and that seemed to make them freak out

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