Any way to tell male or female


5 Years
Apr 18, 2014
I have three 2 day old bourbon red turkey chicks. I was wondering if/how to tell if they are males or females?
Some one here mentioned a way they do it.
I never tried it but I think it goes like this (might be mistaken)

If you hold the poult and turn it up side down and if their legs stick straight out they are a male.
If they curl under the bird then its a female.
At one week, the snood bud may be bigger in a tom.
At three weeks males may start strutting. (sometimes less)
At five weeks, neck feathers either start on the head (hen) or fewer on a tom
At eight weeks, true colors start coming in so color sexable birds like Narragansett and Blue Slate may show toms as darker feathered and hens as lighter feathered.

I am hatching numbers of turkeys and tracking each one with guess at hatch as to male or female based on primary/covert feather length. They do definitely differ, but most of my birds are too young yet to positively ID.

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