Any White Leghorn / 236 owners? Can I bounce A question off you?


Apr 30, 2022
I have 2 13-14 week old Ideal 236 pullets, I also have 7-8 week old 4 gold sex link pullets ..................... They are nearly the same size????? In A week I think the GSLs will be larger. Is that normal/Expected for 236's ????

The 236s seem to be 100% White leghorn in terms of personality, you know paranoid schizophrenics with amphetamine habits in chicken form.
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A little perspective. 13 week leghorn/236 versus a 7 to 8 week gold sex link


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I have a Leghorn, she is very tiny/slender, but her comb wasn't that large or red at 13 weeks. Are you sure she is a girl?
Yes, I was of the opinion she was underweight. I thought I was underfeeding them or they were getting food denied to them while the rest of the flock ate. There is food left after the initial feeding though so I doubt that. Fairly certain the roo she shared A cage with for the first time tried to mount her too, haven't seen two roos do that to each other.

Also she is utterly passive/submissive
I have a California White and she is the smallest bird in my flock. No bigger than my 15-week Australorp pullets.

But she is a MACHINE for producing 65g eggs. 28 out of 30 days in her first year and 5 out of 7 this year.

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