Anybody else have a knee problem like this?

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  1. eenie114

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    Last I checked, we teens aren't supposed to have "bad knees!" [​IMG]

    A few years ago, I was walking my dad's big Doberman-Lab, and he took off when he saw another dog. Never done that before, hasn't done it since. But that one trip royally screwed up something in my right knee, and now, whatever is supposed to keep my kneecap in place isn't doing it's job. I can't run on uneven ground and I've gotten VERY good at falling semi-gracefully so as to not injure myself. When I twist my knee it makes this horrible wrenching sound and hurts like he- [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Does anybody have this issue, and if so, do you know of any way to fix it? It's been like this for about three years. [​IMG]
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    Oct 15, 2010
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    My DD had this same injury when she was 15 and had to have surgury to repair it. Took about 5 months to get 100% but now she is playing college soft ball and the scares are barly there. Good luck. And don't be scared. She had a very good pediatric sports injury surgon.
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    Oct 15, 2010
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    No, sorry it was 4 years ago. You do need to go a Dr. and get all the exrays and MRI's to have a diagnosis. DD has a nice solid knee cap know She only had a small tear in her patela tendon and they cleaned that up also. Someimes she still puts on her knee brace.
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    If you injured it a few years ago and it is still causing you problems, you need to go see a good orthopaedic doctor . I have trouble with both of my knees, I am almost 50 years old. I have injured and re-injured my knees since I was a kid. I have had surgery on my right knee. My ortho told me the next step is replacement.
    All because I did not take care of the problems when they started.........
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    My knees dislocate and "pop" all the time too. I got very good at hopping on one leg till it popped back in, and can realign a dislocated knee with ease. In my case, my problems started when I was 10 and diagnosed with Osteochondritis dissecans (a joint disorder in which cracks form in the articular cartilage and the underlying subchondral bone). Because of that, my knees would continually pop and dislocate with any twist. I had to quit softball when I was 15 because I could not run anymore. At 17, it got so bad that I had to have patella realignment surgery on my right knee. That had worked perfectly, but was 1 1/2 yrs of recovery. I have to get my left knee done over Christmas break this year. I still will never be able to run, but I'll be able to walk without them popping anymore. My doctor first tried PT, which involved heavy biking and swimming. you might want to try that, to see if it can strengthen the muscles that hold the knee.

    I too will have to have replacement surgery, but my OS said that I should think about doing it in my 30's, or I will have really bad arthritis in both knees (already have some). I'm only 20 now.
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    From your description, I would have to say the only thing to do know is go to a doctor because it sounds like something you might need surgery to correct. I shattered my left leg just below the knee and shoved the cartilage and cap up a few inches. Took 2 surgeries to correct and unfortunately will be a lifelong problem. I can walk, but I can't run and have arthritic problems. The longer you wait could make a difference to how long you will have to deal with yours, too. Get it looked at.
  8. eenie114

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    Thanks for all the answers, guys. I'll definitely talk to my parents about having a doctor look at it. Mom said I really shouldn't try to self-diagnose, but I've only looked at possibilities of what it might be.

    I REEEEALLY hope I won't need surgery. [​IMG]
  9. fried green eggs

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    Mar 25, 2011
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    My knee did what yours is doing when I was a teenager. I didn't need surgery then just PT to make legiments stronger. Make sure you find a Good Orthopedic "Knee" Specialist. I've had lots of sports injuries and some major ones over the years and not all Sports Med Doctors or Ortho Doctors are equal. You want a Specialist - someone that does knees not a general sports injuries doctor. Don't be scared if they say you do need surgery - most of the time they can do it Arthoscopic and you get to go home the same day and with PT you will heal quickly. Good Luck.

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