anybody ever won with a hatchery bird?


16 Years
Mar 5, 2007
I read about how hatchery birds are pet quality but not show. i was just wondering if anybody on here have won best of show or reserve champion with a hatchery bird.
Yes, there are lots of stories in their catalog. But I have noticed that they are usually people who order LARGE numbers of one breed, and then pick out one good bird to show. I have a black non-bearded Silkie that came from Ideal. I plan on showing it; whether or not it will win is something different.
Best of show with a black cochin pullet from Murry Mcmurray. She is a beauty! The chance can be a little slim though. It depends on how many you order. I was lucky. This was the only black cochin I got from them.
yes i have won refuse to state breed because of the idea that all hatchery birds are less quality but if you ever see
my birds at a show try to pick out which pair is hatchery stock ... at Ohio Nationals BV and RV
there is always hope

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