Ashley McDaniel

Nov 8, 2017
I noticed this bad spot on BOTH wings of my Porcelain D'Uccle Roo, Elvis, this afternoon. He and the rest of the flock are lice/mite/bug free, and disease free, as far as I know, and all appear to be healthy. He recently turned 1 year old. I've never seen this on him or any of my other chickens, so I am hoping that someone can help me by telling me what it is and how to go about fixing him up please... thanks.


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I have 1 other Roo, a large white Leghorn, but what's odd is that he and "Toe Pecker" are best buddies. He follows Toe Pecker around all day. Elvis is the only Rooster I've been able to keep in my flock, because as you all know, roosters fight constantly. However, we did recently add 4 8 month old pullets into the flock, 2Golden Comets, 2 White Leghorns. The Leghorns have been quick to show dominance and work their way to the top of the pecking order to get next to Toe Pecker, but that means they've gotta go through Elvis as well lol I've been seeing 1 of them peck Elvis here and there, but I didn't think it was getting this bad, until now. I'll have to keep a close eye out and if it continues I'll separate them. Elvis is my baby! Lol thanks everyone, I'm so happy and relieved to know that it wasn't something serious!
Honestly, it looks like the feathers are growing back in, and it doesn't appear to have skin damage (broken skin) under the new feathers. If there isn't damaged skin, I wouldn't put anything on it.
See, this is him last week, a day before we got the pullets. I don't see it in these pics, so it must be coming from the new girl lol

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