Anybody live in Florida and do you have a game farm license?

Discussion in 'Quail' started by underground chickenman, Aug 5, 2009.

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    Although not noisey they definitely do make some noise. Mine just began the crowing and singing. I don't find it at all noisy, but some might. Mine began getting noisy with maturity and production. Hopefully, your neighbors won't find it annoying but will rather enjoy it.
  2. They can't be any noisier than my chickens when they lay an egg. I've got one that announces her own and everybody else's.

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    Its just a different noise. The roos talk constantly, but its a really pleasant warbling effect to me. I'm in the country and it doesn't matter what noises my critters make. I have a multitude of roos right now (freezer camp is aware and waiting!) so we are a bit of a cacophany right now. Between the goat bucks talking to the girls and the girls talking back, the roosters announcing their dominance and the quail roos announcing their willingness to mate with anything live, it can be quite talkative at times. Man, I love country noise!!

    Just edited to add that I love your theory on which came first!! LOL
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    Hi UGCM - my Florida neighbor! [​IMG]

    That is good news about the pending rule change! Hope it passes soon. If you hear anything else, or when it passes [​IMG] could you post it here so we all know. I agree with Nikki, they don't make much noise and neighbors probably would never notice. You will like them, they are a calm, friendly quail.

    Lisa [​IMG]
  5. Quote:The only problem with my theory is that the hatchers claim it's the other way around; first the egg, then the chicken about 21 days later. They claim to also have proof. Oh well. [​IMG]
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    Funny. The age old question can never truly be answered. Unless you believe in creation, in which case, all were created. Chicken or egg.?? I like to believe its all relative. I think it can't happen without the *creative* process, which the rooster crows about and the hen celebrates. No one sits on an egg unless they are inspired to do so. I've watched that hen lay that ole egg, and to think it happened without the roo and hen just doesn't ring true to me. But, to each their own!! LOL. I'm open to all options!~
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    Well, I have registered, and then logged on 7 or 8 times - - and this page looks the same. Does anyone ever come here??
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    Quote:Hit the index and see or else recent posts and you will "see" lots of us... [​IMG]

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