Anybody use DE in carpet?


9 Years
Nov 25, 2010
Dixon, Missouri
We have a bad flea problem indoors, I understand you can use DE in the carpet. Anyone have? How did it work?
I have, and by itself, it helped some, but didn't eradicate. I took salt, borax and DE, mixed it all together, and powdered the you know what out of our carpets. We now have relief. Oh, and switched from Frontline to Comfortis for the dog. That stuff (Comfortis) is THE STUFF!!!!
Comfortis is, indeed, 'da bomb' for fleas! Now they have come out with a heartworm preventative AND flea pill in one--TRIFEXIS. And it is actually cheaper to buy than Heartgard & Comfortis separately--at my vet's, anyway.
I use sevin, and borax in the house, every dog gets long term preventative, but some people, I;ve read have put adams on their chickens, and...ivermectin, drops you can put on your chickens too.. sounded good, from a thread I read, they sounded very knowledgable - hope tractor supply has it, I can't wait for frost
We did the same, started with DE, then we did the borax the next time. We eventually got rid of them last fall. Last summer was the worse ever for fleas as long as I have had dogs! We had to try three different fleas meds from the vet. Did not have a tick problem, but fleas were everywhere! This year we bought flea meds for the cats from the vet's.... We went to Sam's Club & bought their brand, for the dogs, I think it is $25.00, and it has worked this year... Oh yea, we got rid of the carpet in all but our four bedrooms, replaced them with laminate floors. (we have 5 dogs, 5 cats)
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I borrowed my step mother's vacuum cleaner and just vacuumed every day for a week. It got all of them, and the eggs that hatched. Then gave her the vacuum back. She couldn't figure out how she got fleas. Guess I forgot to tell her what I did, and to change the bag. My bad.
I use DE in my coops, but I have to wear a mask when spreading it, and when cleaning coops. The dust really irritates my throat and lungs. I'd not use it in the house for that reason only. I'm not sure how effective it would be.

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