Anybody use their chicken feathers to make jewelry?


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Apr 29, 2010
Rockport, Tx
My SLW roo dropped a couple of beautiful feathers yesterday and I was just wondering if any of you use your chicken feathers for jewelry. I know that people use peacock, pheasant and quail feathers all the time. If you do post pics of them, I promise I won't copy them; I'd just like to get some ideas...

If I make anything, I'll post a pic and show y'all...
i have not used them in making jewelry i have a few friends that use them in making ear rings and they are pretty.i will try to get a few pics. for you i use my feathers in making fishing jigs
I dont but I do ship them off to a friend of mine who makes jewelry and puts them in hair
I have been thinking about doing it every time I find some gorgeous feathers lying around. I often pick up our duck and turkey feathers too.

I am building up a small stash to do something fun with eventually.

Remember the '80's? Feather jewelry was very fashionable, and it is making a big comeback this year.
I just tuck one of my serama roos tail feathers into my hair after i steam it. Looks pretty close up but he's as blonde as i am!

I killed the thread!!! oh well whats ONE more??
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