Anyone about to hatch out some ostrich chicks in Arizona this season or nearby?


6 Years
Apr 10, 2013
I have a lone male. At least I am nearly positive he is a male. I don't believe in keep social species solitary. His mate died due to a genetic defeat. I don't have a lot of money to spend, but if you end up with two many you just need gone or otherwise just name your price on the chicks.

I need to vent sex or DNA sex to make sure I don't end up with a second male. I will also probably need at least two other chicks, in case one passes away before reaching the imperative third month. I know one other breeder, but he sold me the genetically deformed chick, so I'm seeing if there's anything else out there. I only want a chick because I need to get her used to my fencing, area, other animals and generally life style. Transporting adult ostriches are hard and stressful in my experience.

I can also travel into New Mexico, too. I just want some healthy stock. Though I'm starting to realize most ostriches in America are way too over bred. I wish I could import some from Africa. Anyway, I can pay cash, paypal (and therefore credit cards) or I can trade if you're looking for anything. I have some wild sheep about to be weaned that are very rare in Arizona and very genetically superior to domesticated breeds.These are actually wild, never domesticated. If you like rare animals, these are pretty neat. If you breed sheep, this is going to prove your herd without a doubt. Then you can sell the hybrid lambs yourself and make your own back easy. You can email me at [email protected] if you'd like to talk sheep. Aside from ratite, they are my other obsession.

I don't even want more ostriches. I just feel too badly keeping my male alone, that's just cruel. I'll attach picture of my man mine. His name is Sexy Sexy Sniper. The picture is the hybrid European Mouflon that is for sale for cash or trade. I'd give him away if I could, I am so passionate about getting these fresh genetics into stifled over bred lines, but I need the money to keep improving my herd for the long haul. If you're just interested in the sheep and have no chicks to trade, they are priced at $200, with a $50 deposit to be paid immediately. I never do that, but recently I was screwed over and realized I had to start doing it to secure myself and not have people wasting my time.


Sire of newly weaned ram lamb 100% purebred European Mouflon from zoo stock originally captured from the wild. Think of them as mini Bighorn sheep.

His son. 50% hybrid cross with a domesticated ewe. The best of both worlds.

And last by not least, Sexy Sexy Sniper himself. Patiently waiting a girl or two of his own.

I hope that I can do this for him. I despise keeping animals solitary.
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