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  1. HottLemonade2886

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    Mar 30, 2009
    Hinesville, GA
    Hello all! I want to get some chickens and am looking for a good coop that doesn't cost a lot but also isn't so cheap it will fall apart. I came across My Urban Farmer and they seem to have nice coops with longer runs than other cheaper kits. My hesitation is there is no reviews on the site so for all I know they are pieces of crap too. Anyone got any opinions? I like the coop below but it's kind of bigger than I need since I plan to start with 2 standard chickens and maybe move up to 4 in some years. I live in New Jersey in the suburbs so it's got to be good for cold winters and hot summers.

    If anyone can suggest other coops I would love to hear them! Thanks for the help!
  2. Jensownzoo

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    Feb 7, 2016
    Saint Louis, MO
    Well, I looked at their listing. All fir construction is nice...just depends on how thin they cut it.
    You could take out two of the roosting bars to give your 2-4 chickens more floor space in the coop.
    That run should be big enough for the number of chickens that you're going to have, but it certainly isn't adequate for the 12 that they're advertising.
    The number of nest boxes seems a bit overboard, but you can always block one side off from the chickens and use it for storing supplies instead.
  3. Chewbawkbawk

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    Jul 9, 2016
    I would not recommend placing any orders with My Urban Farmers LLC (!! I ordered a coop on 5/23 with an estimated ship date the 3rd week in June. The 3rd week in June came and went with continual (and multiple) promises of "it will ship next week". After multiple follow-ups and excuse after excuse, "next week" never came and we were now almost in the 2nd week in July. I cancelled my order and was refunded my money in full minus 10% for their troubles. They were responsive to my cancellation however other online reviews tell different stories. Also, several photos on the website are the exact same photos of chicken coops sold by a manufacturer in China. Buyer beware!! I wish I would have investigated further prior to purchasing. Please also check out the Better Business Bureau customer complaints for Farm to Bay Hay Company in Lake Stevens, WA. Both firms have the same owner and appear to have similar issues.
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  4. mimi22

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    Jul 16, 2016
    I bought the resort coop in April. It arrived damaged and with missing parts. The "company" will not answer phone calls, texts, emails or posts on their Facebook page. They are the absolute worst online retail experience I have ever had. The coop is junk, no way it's manufactured anywhere but China. We put it up in April and by July it was falling apart. If you try to put a negative review on their website or Facebook, they delete it. Look up Farm to Barn hay company on the Better Business Bureau which is the name they operate under. They have an F rating. Stay far, far away. I wish I had.
  5. jlpchicago

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    Apr 3, 2016
    Ugh. I just went through two and a half months of frustration with this company. Ordered the kona coop on May 1, which was advertised for early June delivery. Early June, no coop. Contacted the company, was told they had improved the design and packaging, ready to ship at the end of June. Fine, I want to support a small business. Early July, no coop. Contacted again, they said they were waiting for delivery company, but would definitely ship the next week. Next week, no coop. Contacted them to cancel order. They said ready to ship the next week, but if I cancelled there would be a 10% cancellation fee. I feplied with a link to the FTC's website, which clearly states they can't do that, and told them I wanted a 100% refund or I would contact the better business bureau and the FTC. Finally received an email saying they were issuing a full refund. A week later, still no refund on my credit card. Contacted my cc company, who were awesome! They are taking care of it from here, but already credited my account. Definitely keep a record of all correspondence for any online orders!!! Sorry this was long, but was so frustrated. This whole time my chicks were in the garage, growing fast! I wound up ordering a cheap coop off Wayfair and will build one next year.

    FYI, Here's the FTC link I mentioned!

    If the seller is unable to ship within the promised time, it must notify you, give a revised shipping date and give you the chance to cancel for a full refund or accept the new shipping date. The seller also must give you some way to exercise the cancellation option for free — for example, by supplying a prepaid reply card or staffing a toll-free telephone number.

    If you don’t respond — and the delay is 30 days or less — it’s assumed that you accept the delay and are willing to wait for the merchandise.
    If you don’t respond — and the delay is more than 30 days — the order must be canceled by the 30th day of the delay period and a full refund issued promptly.
    If the seller can’t meet the revised shipping date, it must notify you again by mail, email or telephone and give you a new shipping date or cancel your order and give you a refund.

    The order should be canceled and a refund issued promptly unless you indicate by the revised shipping date that you are willing to wait.
    If you don’t respond to the second notice, the seller should assume that you are not willing to wait issue a full refund promptly.
  6. JennilynnS

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    Jul 9, 2016
    Also horrible experiences. Wrote a review on Yelp. Had to get a lawyer because they were commuting libel against me and my own business. Admitted to blackmail in an email. All because I called them out on their horrible customer service. We also got half a coop and the construction was crap. Absolute junk.
  7. chickenmama2016

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    Oct 2, 2016
    Riverside, CA
    I actually had a great experience with them and just posted a new thread. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I actually think their resort coop was pretty great quality for a kit coop as I have purchased a couple in the past from a TSC. My coop didn't come damaged as I have seen in a couple threads but they said they have just updated the boxes that they used as of Sept. Fed-Ex isn't really very gentle. I can imagine partly just because they are heavy and awkward.
  8. skylarkinland

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    Jan 17, 2015
    Sadly I had the same HORRIBLE experience; I ordered the coop for my new home...they shipped it to my old home and only 1 out of the two boxes arrived as the other was returned damaged. I had to go pick it up hours away, then wait weeks for other box. At that point I had to move my chicks and purchased another coop at my local tractor supply for far less than the Kona. They wouldn't accept returns or refunds so I decided to build the coop and try to sell it locally. It was splintered, missing parts of locks, broken in several places, spindly, ill made, flimsy, horrendous. Worst online purchase experience of my life.
  9. jeria

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    May 5, 2017
    Independence MO
    In my search I found little positive about ordering a pre-made coop/kit from anyone. Making my own with no building experience, tis an interesting journey and challenge. At least I know the materials will be strong, won't be perfect.
  10. blair7ken

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    Jul 13, 2017
    Horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE experience with them. Terrible product and even worse customer service. The crappy coops from the feed store are better quality AND the employees there at least TRY to be helpful. Save yourself a headache and stay far, far away from MyUrbanFarmers/ChickenCoopsNW!
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