Anyone close want to donate or sell a duck egg?


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May 19, 2012
I just need one egg. Im in the arlington/DFW area of Texas and was wondering if anyone want to sell me a fertilized hatching duck egg.
What breed are you looking for? Generally, you should not have *only* one duck egg. Ducks are social flock animals, and should have at least one companion. Also, if you end up with one male and one female, the male will terrorize the female. The ratio is usually 1 male to 2-3 females. One last thing: Egg hatching is not certain. There is a very good chance roughly 75% of a hatch group will make it to birth. (Varies with breeds - call ducks are much harder, for example) so there is a good chance that one egg won't hatch.

Not trying to be pessimistic here! I think it's great that you're getting into ducks, but maybe try getting 10-ish eggs? Also, what are you using them for?
I already have several in a pond and i just want one egg because i want to put all my attention into it and raise it as my pet, also it will be able to socialize with the others. i dont have the money right now for 10 eggs either
I am much too far from you. However, I suggest that you look on Craigslist and see if anyone has duck eggs listed for sale (for eating)

Call them and find out of the eggs are fertile and whether or not they have been refrigerated. You can usually buy a dozen duck eggs for eating for about $4. Hatch the one that you want and eat the rest of them.
you should still get more than just one even if you want to devote all your time to the one. it wont be able to socialize with the adults till its a fairly good size and when you are gone it will be lonely. i have 4 outside and 4 inside that i work with everyday for a few hours a day and that works just fine but i will not put them nor allow them to be around my other 4 till they are about 4-5 months of age as they will get attacked by the larger older ducks

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