Anyone cook fox?


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Jun 22, 2010
Eau Claire, WI
Hey all, the predator I have that seems to be the worst is a family of fox. DH shot one yesterday. Didn't kill it though. We followed the trail and found their two dens. I LOVE animals and wildlife but really would like DH to kill them since they kill my chickies. I also ascribe to the theory that you don't kill it unless you are going to eat it. I greatly respect these foxes even though they are predators. I feel it would be an injustice to their lives if I just shot them and left them to rot in the woods.

Anyway... I digress, sorry. That was the long way of asking if anyone on here has ever cooked fox? Not sure if this post should be here or in the recipes section... sorry. I found out that people in Alaska cook fox and that the meat has to be boiled for a long time...

Anyone actually done it that I can talk to about it?

Thanks all
there are a coupla folks I sell meat to that eat it here they boil it I eat bobcat now and then it is kina dry it needs oil or fat to make it palatable, the young ones or the females are best an old tom taste just like he smells LOL fox as I skin them they do not smell like I would want to eat them. On a side not most of the larger rodents are delicious beaver muskrat nutria etc they are plant eaters. HTH
Fox, especially this time year have a strong musky almost skunk like odor. I eat a lot of things, but can't imagine eating fox.
I'm with you on that one.
Just like eating dog i would think.. if your in to that. I think maybe im not
YEah, doesn't help... don't know how to cook dog, wouldn't eat my pet...

Anyway, thanks to those who helped answer my question. It is good to know about boiling the meat and the smell of the animal.

I know there is one other guy that eats most of what he kills... just can't remember his name to look him up and ask him...

Thanks all.

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