Anyone Diagnosed with Plantar Fascitis by their Doctor?


9 Years
Jul 26, 2010
Hey all, has anyone here gotten a diagnosis of Plantar Fascitis?

How did it feel and what did the doc have you do for it?

I have foot pain diagnosed as a stress fracture - I'm thinking the plantar fascia is also involved.

Feels like walking around with a rock in the heel of your shoe. I've had both feet operated on, one twice. I know it when I feel it! That is, if your is on your heels. But it's the rock in the shoe feeling, or like a stone bruise.
My wife has it and it's horrid. She been wrapped, braced- you name it. It seems to come and go in it's severity. Right now she's fine.
For her, it's all about orthotics and good shoes. I can't count the number of $100+ shoes she has that will be "the shoe" to stop it. Those Sketchers with the rocker soles are what she wears now. She never goes barefoot.
Hope yours get better soon!
I've never been diagnosed by a Dr but I am pretty sure I have it, started when I started waiting tables-pounding the pavement. Heel pain, and under the heel pain. Cushy shoes, and inserts& lots of stretching are the only only things I do esp. in the morning before I even put my feet on the floor, still I limp around quite a bit. One of mine feels like there's a rock beside my heel bone- in my foot, but not in "my shoe"...
I have it in both feet.. in the heel as well as the arch..

had a brace for the worst foot .. and inserts for both. For the inserts they scanned one foot and made custom ones.. but whoever did them did them wrong so I had to go back again for a new scanning..

It got to the point where they gave me steroid shots in both feet.. but since the shots can end up causing more harm than good in the long term. I declined additional shots (the shots didn't hurt ME when he injected them.. which the doctor was surprised at since they are supposed to be very painful.. but I have a high tolerance for pain)

What helped me the most was losing some weight... now they rarely bother me.. I don't use the brace any more and I also go barefoot a lot.. so I don't use the inserts any more either.
I am cautious about jumping down out of the truck when I am unloading feed.. so a bit of common sense helps to keep from aggravating things
I have it and it's horrible. I need to go back to my podiatrist because he made these wraps that do help. I also have these shoe inserts from Clarks and they help a little. Also, I try to never go barefoot even in the house because that will make it worse. I do the stretches too. I guess everything helps a little but nothing really "cures" it. It's miserable.
Yep I got two shots.helped for a little doc didn't recommend the sketchers either, but they did help.I think it was all the cushion not the rocking motion.I wear a pad in my shoe, but it never truly goes away

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