Anyone Draft chicks? Would like advice..

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by matthewschickens, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Hey!

    I raise Cornish X and would like to draft some on a broody next spring.
    Any advice on if this will work or not?


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  3. Quote:Yes, put day olds under broodies...
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    I know this is off topic...but love your horse! (I have 2 black Arab mares myself!)
  5. Quote:It's actually not mine, but thanks [​IMG] I want him though... Really! I wish I could see pics...

    On topic [​IMG]
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    If you've got a determine broody you want to put chicks under, i suggest doing it at night they tend to accept them better.
    Most of the time they will take them as thier own, but sometimes you get one who just wont. Just depends on the hen.
    good luck!
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    I would put eggs/rocks/whatever under her for a few days to make her feel like there's something there. Then at night, trade one chick per egg. Don't let her see the box of chicks. Let her hear them, then cover each with your hand and let them go under her and take out an egg. After you're all done, watch her for a minute just to be sure she's not pecking at them. I've used this method without the eggs under her before with a silkie, and I had a hard time getting her to accept chicks. With the dummy eggs, worked like a charm. And make sure the chicks are day old. Anything over a week old, and hen's seem to know....
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    Saw an old time poster on a different thread that stated Uncle Sam wants you to raise chickens. Does that count as drafting? [​IMG] [​IMG] sorry just couldn't resist. It was the first thing that came to mind when I saw your topic!

    ETA - I also noticed your avatar picture on another thread and was going to remark on how beautiful that arab is! [​IMG]
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