Anyone else due on 2/22/09

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    I set 9 eggs on the 1 of febuary (it was late so i count the 2nd as the first day?) so if im right that gives me a due date of the 23? I just candled and 7 out of the 8 remaining eggs i could clearly see movment (1 had something in it but i couldnt see in it to well so its a big ?, but it definetly had good veining). These are some mutts im using as a test hatch but im already in love them all [​IMG] Hard to imagine im addicted already but its true, is there a cure? Oh reason there is only 8 out of 9 is one was cracked but developing, i didnt want to take a chance and tossed it out [​IMG]
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    Yes, I have some due then.
    Power was out last week, so I'm [​IMG] thay all make it to [​IMG]

    And no, there's no cure. I was so bummed about the power failure that I went out and overfilled my bator.
    I lost all the eggs in the hatcher. One hatched with issues then quietly went to that deep dark sleep.
    And I lost some other eggs that weren't as far along.
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