Anyone else got a setting hen?

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Mar 15, 2009
Hey BYC! I havent been on in a few weeks, internet issues. Anyone anyone have eggs that are scheduled to hatch on october the 14th? If so can you guide me thru it? I know that the hen does most of the work but since I've never had a setting hen before Im kind of nervous.
I have a broody to hatch on the 11th

This is her second hatch...She does amazing I have half in the bator and she has 10 or 9 I cant remember...
I have one for around the 19th - 20th. I am not much help though as this is my 1st time also:D well with the exception that I had a hen hatch one out last monday, but it was the only one, 2 made it to almost hatching:(
I've one due this next week sometime - can't find where I marked the dates down.

But she's been very consistent for a first timer - she's a little black Sizzle on three giant delaware eggs. Looks like she's sitting on three pink boulders but she's getting it done. Her name is Aris and she's a favorite. Her eggs have been sterile - she's really really good at Roo dodging.

Eggs that I think are running parallel timing in the incubators appear due in the next five days or so. I hate it when I lose my notes.

So luck to you all and I'll be the first to go, she's already nesting in a small dog crate so I don't anticipate too much trouble. The only other mature hen in the pen has no interest in eggs at this point.
I have 2 setting right now, there due on the 8th, one of them this is her second time this year, the other is her first.

the one gal that it her second time, still takes care of the baby from the first hatch, its about 13 weeks old, and it still sleeps with mom. so cute, though i think its a roo,

they will keep them warm and show them were the water and feed is, the slowly will take them out side and show them bugs and all the other goods out side.

i also have a silkie that has 2 baby's they are about 5 weeks old, one is hers and the other is from a Ameraucana, both dad and mom silkie take care of them. I never seen a roo take care of baby's before, just this silkie roo.
A good broody gets it all done by herself, you just kick back and assist if necessary if another chicken invades her territory or makes her unhappy.

I had one the last three or four days, you had to feed and water her on the nest, she was NOT moving. She even preferred you feed her there most of the time and water her there, she hated other birds even peeking at her nest..

I have to pull Aris off the nest now and then to poop, she will come off, but I like to just make sure the eggs are intact. She's an adorable little bird and she doesn't fuss at me, gets some food, a drink and a poop and goes back. She beeps at me and lets me pet her, I love that silly little thing.

I just wish she was fertile. I'll see about really pennng her with the Roo later this spring, with the other Sizzle or the really nice silkie roos I have coming up.
I have about 70 eggs due around Oct 18th (thanks to TurtleFeathers and my chick addiction lol).

They are almost all under broodies, 6 Silkies and 1 OEGB. Those are all the eggs they are getting so they better give up the broodiness afterwards. I swear they have been broody since March! I already have 35 chicks in my brooders thanks to them hatching their own eggs.

I take my hens off their nests every couple days...candle the eggs, check for cracked or leaking ones, etc.

Good luck with your upcoming babies!!!

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