Anyone else let them run around the living room?

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  1. My chicks will be a week old tomorrow. I try to spend lots of time with them, handling them gently, touching wings and feet so they are used to it, talking to them, letting them jump all over my hand in the brooder and eat starter crumbles from it. They are still pretty shy, but we're getting there! I have been toting them upstairs and letting them explore the living room in the evenings for about an hour. They love pecking at everything, checking out the dogs through the baby gate, climbing on my son and pooping everywhere, of course.

    Am I the only crazy one who lets their chicks roam in the living room? My husband thinks I'm nuts! I just want some nice, friendly chickens!!


    Size difference between my cochin bantam and speckled sussex!



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    Sweet and adorable! We did the same thing when our chickens were chicks. My daughter and I would take them out of the brooder several times per day and let them roam around on the floor or outdoors (following us about) when the weather was warm enough. I remember one day when it was rainy and cool and we couldn't take them outdoors for their usual scratching excursion. We let them run and scratch around indoors for a good while. It was a hoot! (My husband, too, thought we'd lost our minds. [​IMG] )
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    Is this a poll? I voted nuts too.
  4. [​IMG] Yup, here it comes! I knew I would own the Crazy Chicken Lady status quickly! [​IMG]
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    I confess that I am quite fascinated by ours as well. I'd be more worried about something happening to the chix, than them causing some sort of harm to the family.

    I know chickens can harbor parasites, but so can our dog. I doubt they are going to do or leave anything on your spotless hardwood that a clorox wipe can't defeat! Enjoy your birds (you have a beautiful mixed flock!) and remind the children to keep them away from their faces and wash their hands after playing with the chix.
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    No worries. I've already been granted the "Crazy Chicken Lady" nickname too. I wear it proudly and tell people they're just jealous! [​IMG]
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    sorry you do not wear that crown alone my husband has called me The Crazy Chicken lady. our chicks are three weeks old today. they run around in their brooder cage their Run,
    our porch and yes in our living room. when we bring them in our living room we get a old sheet out andput down and let them run around!
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    If I didn't have 5 house cats I would definitely let them run around. Yours are adorable! Thanks for posting the pictures!!!!


  10. Thanks all! It's not something I plan to do when they are older, but by the time I get home from work, its cold and dark, and I want to be able to interact with them a the living room works! And the floor gets mopped and disinfected afterwards. [​IMG] My son is very good about not touching his face after touching the chicks, and I make sure we wash in hot, soapy water afterwards. I actually don't let him handle them a lot, just to be on the safe side (for both them and him!)

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