anyone else NOT eat chicken???


9 Years
Aug 8, 2010
Oakland county ,MI
I can't be the only one who dosent eat meat...I will eat eggs from time to time but the rest of my family loves the farm fresh chickens. I could not eat one of my own birds. The family can with no prob.just a lot better for them than the stuff in the store... just wondering if their were anymore '' veggi'' chicken lovers out there..?
I'm not big on has to be cooked THROUGH. If you cook it too tough, I won't eat it. Not enough, I won't eat it. I'm picky about chicken.

Bring on the sushi and rare steak though!

I realize this is a "veggie" lover post, but thought I'd throw out there that I'm not "big" on eating chicken.
my hubby and my daughter n I dont eat chicken any more for the last 5 yrs. but i have a 92 yr mother that would only eat only chicken breast . so i go buy 5 lbs of boneless skinless chicken n throw it in my crock pot to cookit all up and then puree and then freeze it in portion size for her to eat.
the rest of the family eat the eggs. i will not eat my own chickens.
There are a lot of vegetarians on here.
I was for about 7 years...then met DH, who was a "You have to eat meat, yada yada yada!". So, it became difficult to cook for each of us, so I started eating a little bit of meat here and there. Now that I will eat meat, he thinks we should become vegetarians...or at least eat meat rarely.
Chickens are great pets and give us eggs! Ours are here until they die of old age!
I don't care for chicken or eggs all that much....I will eat it I just don't cause it kinda grosses me out. I prefer seafood, beef, or pork as far as meat goes.

ETA: oh yeah and processed meats all of them yuck
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Not to party crash, but seriously? I mean, I eat my own cull Araucanas, whom I treat just as well as my keepers, and they're gorgeous, because are you seriously aware of what the life is like for the chicken you eat at the store?
Even if you give those chickens a good place to live, they still have serious growth and health issues.
I don't eat MY chickens....I love them. I only have 8 and they are sweet little hens! I do eat meat, but we only buy it from local organic sources and through our organic co op store. I don't like the way factory farm animals are treated and I don't like what they are fed.

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