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    Quote: Quote: Seems like most people that get their birds from the big hatcheries wouldn't be affected. It seems like these hatcheries are already following the guidelines.
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    I don't know if I like the idea of the government having a database that has the exact number of chickens I own at any given point.
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    The gov't keeps repackaging the NAIS to try and make it more palatable in order to cram it down our throats. It has no basis in reality and there is no need for it, other than for them to know what you are doing in your own backyard. They keep coming at us with this and when met with a brick wall, go back behind the curtain to pretty it all up with new words and put a new bow on it and re-present it to us "for our own good". Geez, it's like the monster in the movies that will never die. [​IMG] They'll never let it goooooooooo.
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    I noticed too. And I am not letting my guard down.
    NAIS has to be accepted by individual states - it can't be imposed on the entire country as a federal regulation. Each state has to appoint a committee of its senators to oversee and vote on the regulation. So, we need to focus on educating our state senators and also our U.S. reps to Congress, as I've found that the newbies seem to be clueless on this issue. And, we need to keep our fellow poultry- and livestock keepers informed on a local level. And we have to keep rattling cages to make sure nothing gets slipped by us.
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    Actually, it CAN be imposed as a federal regulation. They have tried numerous times, the grassroots poultry enthusiasts have fought back tremendously and gotten their senators and representatives to quash it each time. On the other hand, a number of states have literally DROOLED at the idea and implemented essentially the same program for their state. Arizona acted a bit differently. Our legislature passed a law saying that it is illegal to require participation in NAIS. Go AZ!
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    Yikes! I attended a meeting at our State House several years ago, where a rep from the state ag office "informed" us that states had to vote to accept the regulation, via a state-senate committee appointed by the governor.

    From another source, one of the anti-NAIS websites, at about the same time, I read that apparently, if a state accepts "blood money" from the USDA for providing its state "barn book" (the census that each municipality in the state is required to keep -- and send to the state ag department -- of all the livestock and poultry kept within the city/town and who owns it), it is effectively giving its consent to the USDA and federal government to impose NAIS on that state.

    Come to find out that the head of our state ag department ILLEGALLY sent the USDA a copy of the state barn book and collected the "blood money" for it, which was given to the state. But, because NAIS had not been approved by the state senator council, NAIS could not be imposed on us.

  8. So what's "blood money" ?
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    Hatch your own. There is no way the coop police can count every chicken. Just like the law that passed here that people cannot process their own animals for food. Really? I haven't seen any kitchen police yet......
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    Are you serious? How, according to the law, are you supposed to get your own chickens ready for the freezer?

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