Anyone ever blown up their pumpkins?


7 Years
Oct 26, 2012
Eastern Wa
Our pumpkins were getting nasty, so, my dad bought some exploding targets. We shot them, and it was really awesome. Just curious if anyone has ever done the same, or done anything weird to them!

It's what you do in the country!
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Awesome! Sounds like fun! I only had one pumpkin survive the drought. Last time I was in the garden it was still green. But starting to turn. I am going to go check it soon. I bought one last night for a buck at the store. My girls are pecking away at it.
No blowing up... but when I was in grad school (Metalsmithing), we used to carve the pumpkins with blow tourches...they were interesting to say the leaset.. smelled yummy too!
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