anyone ever done this?

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  1. anyone ever make a chicken wire tunnel for your birds?

    I'm moving back to the suburbs and we have limited money and not much space in the backyard. We were going to buy a garden shed and convert it into a coop, then buy a dog kennel for the run but we don't have money for both, so my dad thought it would be a great idea to section off part of our garage, which i agree is a great idea because there is a corner that is perfect to section off. That solves one problem, but theres not ebough space to keep them in there 24/7 and we are in need of a run, but we just can't cut a hole in the wall, so i had this fantasic idea that my mom agrees with:

    We cut a square out of the top right corner of the door to the back yard (the corner where we would have the birds is right next to the backdoor) and make a chicken wire tunnel off the groun outside and to the side of the house where we would have a dog kennel for their run. of course we would have a little doggie door or just a plain chicken door in the hole in the backdoor in the garage so they don't go out at night. Its a perfect idea because our dumb dogs have killed 5 out of the 12 chickens i've had in my life (i have 6 now and another dog before our dogs killed the other one) and they have attempted to kill our 6 chickens (i caught them and punished them before they started ripping apart the coop)

    anyone ever made a chicken tunnel? I saw this video of someone who made one, he broke out the treats and the chickens went flying through it [​IMG] here is the video:

    if anyone has made a chicken tunnel, please post pics!!
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    Jul 20, 2011
    That is so cooooool! I want a chicken tunnel now. Already plotting where we could put one!
  3. Quote:i know right?! i got the idea of a chicken tunnel from an episode of Cats 101 on animal planet. someone made a little cat run outside and at the Bismark Zoo, they have a pen with chickens and goats and there is a bridge that goes over the path and into another part of the pen

    it would be awesome to just watch my birds going through the tunnel being their happy perky selves
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    That's fantastic! The only tunnel we used was 3' long made from wood scraps.

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