anyone ever hatched and raised a blind chick??

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    Jan 8, 2011
    [​IMG] Ok, so are Seramas have been hatching their chicks, we got to number four, I have to bust the shell off, having had to do this before with other breeds, (never under a hen though), I just did it out of old practice, the legs looked good, so in my mind no worries, sent it under its mama, well my mama, kept saying I think his one eye never opened, so, finally I took the tiny monster out...'HOLY COW, IT DOESN'T HAVE ANY EYES!'. Well, it has eye sockets, you can tell, but where there should be eyes, there is only skin/fluff covered pits, his comb is weird, almost inverted, and missing feathers around there too, the only other abnormality is that his belly is quite large, and hardly feathered, this obviously worries me, but everything 'looks' normal, his mama keeps him warm, and for now we made him drink water with nutri-drench mixed in like always, however, no success on getting him to eat by himself, so how in the world, do i eventually teach him to take care of himself, knowing that for now the mash dropper down the hatch, so to speak, is the only option? [​IMG]

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