Anyone Ever Use Shake Away for Vermin Repellent?

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by ThornyRidge, Feb 21, 2009.

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    Oct 28, 2008
    Was in my feedstore today and they had a large display of this product called shakeaway. They seem to come in different "flavors" for different animal issues. They had one for rodents and listed mice, moles, voles, and rats along with chipmunks etc.. says you just sprinkle around..they have a website too.. seemed a bit pricey for a small can it was like 13 bucks.. I have a stupid rat that seems to evade my cat and other cats and has taken up residence under my watergarden/koi pond and even chewed a hole somewhere in liner because my water level went down.. I find his tracks in fresh snow.. and he has avoided my trap efforts as well. I hate to revert to poison because of my own animals and stuff in the area. Just wondering about this stuff..Told my barn cat I was going to stake him to the area. He has brought me rats before but cant seem to get this one.. who has now cost me money and time in the spring to dismantle many many rocks and find the leak he created!!!!! Oh and I know it is a rat because I saw him scurry in the rocks once.
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    I did not have luck with Shake Away repellent (I really wanted that stuff to work!) when rats discovered and took up residence in a former coop. Once I made a fortress of the coop with hardware cloth at any potential entry points, the rats were gone. You may have better luck with SA - maybe it just wasn't enough of a deterrent in my case, as the rats were enjoying making snuggly nests in the insulation, and dining on the chicken food (they did not harm my birds).

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