Anyone expecting an Ideal delivery this week?


11 Years
Aug 31, 2008
Central Indiana
Oh my gosh, just a few more days until my babies from Ideal arrive!! Ahhhh! I'm so excited, I can hardly stand it...anyone else expecting a delivery from them this week? Mine are to be shipped out the 11th (Wed) & I'm hoping I'll receive them Thursday. I live in Indiana tho, so maybe it will take longer?

I'm expecting (all girls):

2 Red sex-link
2 EEs
2 Austorlorps
2 Silver-Laced Wyandottes
2 Barred Rock
2 White Rock

I already have a place where our "packing peanuts" will go once they feather out completely. A guy dh works w/has a farm and will take them from us (probably for dinner
) I didn't ask Ideal to mark them, as I think it will be fun to figure out sex and breed.

What about you?
From McMurrays either today (preferred) or tomorrow.

3 New Hampshire Reds
5 Barred Rock
2 Partridge Rock
5 Delaware
3 Araucanas
2 Turkens
2 Red Star
3 Black Australorps

I spent most of the weekend building, redesigning, and shaping their brooder. Its warming up right now since it is in the spare room in the garage. I put down some old cork board so even with the 2-3 inches of shavings they are not on straight concrete. The whole thing is wrapped with the rest of the corkboard, hardware cloth and some measuring cardboard I used for sewing with one cardboard covering 2/3 the top over the lamp.

Its rather interesting if I do say so myself.
The whole get up is just at 5 feet tall. I should take pictures but I'm half embarressed of the thing.

Gods, is it TIME yet???!!!
Wow your brooder sounds waaaay better than mine, you should definitely post it. So far all I have is a baby pool set-up! I need to account for when they will start flying...hmmm, I'll have my dh think something up

Are they there yet??
I'm not expecting from Ideal, but I'm impatiently waiting for the feed store (TSC) to get their chicks this week. They're coming in on the 12th! They said they are getting chicks from Mt. Healthy, so I'm a little disappointed because there won't be a wide breed selection, but you know I'm sure I'll find some cute fluff butts to feed my addiction.
These chicks will be hiding in our garage brooder for a month because they are from the Easter Bunny...
They have two express deliveries-one at 3:45am and one in the afternoon. Since I haven't been called yet I assume they will be on the afternoon delivery or tomorrow. Grrrr!
ME, ME, ME!!!!
I'm expecting:
7 Feather Legged Cuckoo Marans (1 roo)
5 White Crested Blue Polish
5 Red Crested Red Polish
4 Lemon Blue OEGB
4 Blue Mille Fleur OEGB

And that's just this week!!! I've got another shipment from them with duckies, another from Murray McMurray and yet another from my feed store!
My DH is going to divorce me if I don't stop. SOOOO I guess I won't place that order with Cackle.

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