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Oct 18, 2014
Northern Arizona

Hello Community,

I don't know how to get my cell phone video loaded to this site, so I'm going to have to describe what my Wellsummer Rooster is doing. He is approximately 1 year old. As a baby he was fine. After about 6 months, 1 of his legs he started limping just a bit. Now, at 1 year he is doing this:


1) Lifts legs up high up to the side, then spins the leg around in a circle, then plops the leg down to side but about 2 inches forward. With each leg taking a turn, this is how he walks. He does NOT move his legs forward like my other hens and rooster does. It's a very clumsy and not well controlled movement, except when the leg is high in the air and spinning. He can balance himself on 1 leg and keep the other up in the air. When lifting his leg, he gets pine shavings in his food and water, he also accidently knocks over his feed and water bowls.

2) Two vets - both avian - have claimed it is not the following: Marreks, Newcastle, Gout, Bumblefoot, or an injury. Their best guess, based on x-rays and symptoms was inflammation that resulted in a secondary bone infection.

3) He recently was on anti-inflammatory and antibiotic for two weeks for a more severe limp in 1 leg and now, about 2 weeks after finishing that, is currently on: Meloxicam anti-inflammatory and Clindamycin Hydrochloride 300mg which is an antibiotic that works well for bone infections. Today is his 10th day on this latest round of medication and he is no better.

4) The avian vet is having me bring him back in 4 days when he's done with his 2 week medication to x-ray further up his spine.

5) He loves to eat, has his usual attitude, crows, all the normal behaviors, but his legs do that weird thing, which is the only odd thing about him.

6) He is crated in the house right now and he seems to prefer and gobbles down juicy organic fruits and I give him cranberries, in case the vet was wrong about Gout. He also has his organic, non-gmo grains, but no corn and no soy.

7) I have been supplementing him with liquid Vitamin B's and a tiny bit of Vitamin E.

8) The outdoor coop and run is 80 feet by 90 feet and is heavily fenced and has netting on top, so hawks can't reach him. I have caught some mice in the chicken areas.

Has anyone had or heard of a chicken walking like this:

Doesn't move legs forward.
Lifts legs to the side, high in the air, and spins leg around.
Plops leg down to side.
Each leg takes it's turn and that's how rooster is walking.

Any ideas?

Thanks !
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I've never experienced this myself but it sounds to me like something neurological is going on. Like he's not in control of actions. I'm sorry I've not been much help I hope other members will be along soon.

If you want to post a video you will need to upload it to YouTube or similar then use the video icon above and post the link to it. You may need to switch to desktop version for this, I'm not sure if you can do it from mobile.
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