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Sep 29, 2009
We just got a R-Com mini incubator. This will be the first time trying to hatch 3 rouen eggs. We are doing it as a class project. We received the eggs today and will be placing them in the incubator tomorrow. Has anyone used the R-com? How can you increase the humidity in this bator? Any information would be great.
I have to R-Com Suro... but not the other one. Did it come with instructions, if not you might be able to get some from their site.
Thanks for the reply. I found the instructions but there is no information about what the humidity levels are during incubation. It will alarm if the water is low. I was wondering if you should add a sponge or something during the last days. The space is so small I was afraid of anything wet like a sponge touching the eggs.
I am not sure on that one. What I have done is call the company that makes them if I have a question. They seem to be real helpful. I had a question about my Suro and I called R-com and they answered my question. I wonder if anyone on here has used that model. The company would certainly know though. Good Luck.
U can only adjust the temperature on the rcom mini, i have on and they do sugest that if you wish to adjust the humidity for the last three days u can place the rcom on a wet towel to do the trick, i only joined the site 2day and relise this is late advice but hope it helps for the future :)
you just need to set it for 28 days and remember at 25 days to put the tray in to stop the egg turning. it adjusts the humidity automatically. i have this one and the suro. good luck hatching!

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