Anyone familiar with Mareks Disease? I have a few questions...


8 Years
Mar 2, 2011
San Martin, California
I posted concerns about my chickens health last week. Two of my chickens have Mareks(I think) but I gave them Hypericum for a week now and they are completely back to normal! They were paralyzed and even their wings were affected. Now you would never even know they were like that. All symptoms are gone. When can I put them back with the other healthy chicken? They are only about 3 months old. Also, Can the symptoms come back again and again. When I researched Mareks it made it sound like they would just die. I'm new at raising chickens but I love them!
Last week the chickens looked like their legs were broken and the wings flopped. When I would try and prop them upright, they would fall over:( The legs were out sideways or out behind or sprawled out infront, toes all curled up with no movement at all. It was horrible and they were pooping all over themselves and could not stand. I would go out and check on them every hour~sometimes I would find them with a leg backward and almost tangled up in their own wing. I was having to reposition the wings and literally place their legs back under them... One of them was very paranoid and would squeal and freak out when I would move close. I have been hand feeding them and giving water with a dropper. The last two days I noticed improvement and now they both are acting totally normal... Maybe not Mareks at all?? Looking at pics of chickens with the disease, my chickens looked the same. Like I mentioned I really have experience with chickens at all.

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