Anyone feed flaxseed with good results?


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Apr 13, 2009
East Syracuse
I feed flaxseed (Omega Horseshine) to my horses and they love it. I love the results-shiny coat, great hooves and my horse with arthritis moves a lot better on this stuff.

Well they've come out with a product called the Ultra Egg, now it's pricey-but I've talked to their VP and she said they're interested in doing smaller bags for the backyard flock owners. She said 1 lb, 4.5 lb, and 20 lb bags are being looked at. For a 50 lb bag of feed you need roughly 3 lbs of this stuff, a little more but math is not my strong point!

I was just curious if anyone had good results feeding flax to their chickens-enough so that I may have to give this a try. The link is below if anyone is interested:

I was planning on feeding this when my girls weren't free ranging-around winter thru early spring. I thought it would be a nice side benny for my eggs to still have good amts of omega 3's during the winter months.

I feed flax seed with treats like wild bird seed. I also offer a block of wild bird suet and the birds have lustrous coats, even when moulting, bright combs, clear eyes and healthy skin on legs and bodies...

We can get flax locally in bulk...

I think a guideline is no more than 5% by weight. Mine get an average of 1%.
Awesome, that's what I wanted to hear!! Thank you, and do you feed it whole? Also, how about egg quality, does it affect the taste at all?
I buy it in bulk at the feed store too and mix it in with my layer pellets, just a couple handfulls when I fill their feeder. I'm not sure if there's a difference because I've done it since I've had them but they seem to like them and I've had no health issues or egg problems.

I would look for it bulk through your feed store, I think it might be cheaper than a specially packaged one like you posted...


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