Anyone get cited for having more than your local ordinance allows?

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    Sep 8, 2013
    I live in Louisville and as I understand it, we are only allowed 5 hens plus 1 roo. Well I don't have any roos so it is my assumption that I'm still permitted to have 6 birds. Is that correct? I had a flock of 4 hens and yesterday bought 4 Golden Comets to go with my 3 Australorps and 1 RIR. That of course means I have 8 hens in my fenced in back yard and 2 over the limit.

    If the city was to find out I have 8, would they just issue me a warning to reduce by 2 or do you get a stiff fine? [​IMG]
  2. Probably just get a letter saying to get rid of 2.
    Unlikely they'll find out unless you get a neighbor who hates the girls.

    Best of luck!

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