Anyone Give Worms As Treats?


9 Years
Jul 7, 2010
Shady Hills, FL
I was wondering if anyone feeds their Peas worms? Like Mealworms, Superworms or just plain old Earthworms?

I bought a container of Superworms at Petco and gave the worms some water then gave them some oats and the peas liked them, as did the chickens LOL
Do not feed earthworms to peafowl. They can be carriers of things that are deadly to peafowl. This is on of the reasons that peafowl are wormed, due to internal parasites they may get from eating things, particularly earthworms.
Yes Deerman explained to me that it doesn't matter is the earthworms are home grown or not, just do not give them to them. He did say mealworms are good for them.
My adults won't eat earthworms...I guess they know what is best for them, I got one the other day and put it in front of them and they acted scared of it, I think they must have thought it was a snake. They were very interested, and one bit it in half, but it didn't get eaten.
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