Anyone have a Jack Russell/Yorkie Mix?


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Sep 1, 2019
This is Nemo. He’s our 7 month old puppy, and DNA testing has revealed that he’s a Jack Russell/Yorkie mix. He was sold to me as a purebred Yorkie (I was too stupidly uninformed to realize that the 7 week old puppy I was bringing home didn’t exactly look like a purebred Yorkie). He’s a real handful, but he’s adorable and we love him. Unfortunately, he’s a chicken chaser (and probably a killer if we let him have the chance) so we have to be extremely careful about letting him have any access to the hens. He’s cute though, isn’t he?
What a doll-baby!

We have a Border Collie/Jack Russell mix female named Spot, and yes, handful pretty much describes JR's no matter what they are crossed with. Unfortunately never turn your back on Nemo if your chickens are out and about because yep, he will go after them.

Spot's brother is Buck and Buck is half BC half Walker Coon Hound. A little more trustworthy than his sissy but only because I've worked with him a lot.

Then we have 5 Red Heeler pups that are just 9 months old that think that cats are play toys that move which never turns out well for the cat so no way I would trust them with chickens.

Nemo will definitely take a liking to digging up your yard or anywhere in search of 'varmints'. JR's are 'ground dogs' which mean they will go to ground or underground whenever they get a chance. Pure bred JR's have a stout thick tail which is used to pull them out of burrows they either dig into or dive into. Our Spot loves to dig up voles in our pasture and will spend hours tracking one down and digging foot deep holes in her quest to capture and kill the maurading beast.

JR's are also STUBBORN! It's their way or the highway. Spot is 6 years old and still is full of herself. I can't think of two more dynamic breeds of dogs to combine than a Yorkie/JR.....maybe Cattle Dog and Rottweiler...God Forbid.

Nemo will be your best friend, your protector, your pal....just hide all the breakables, valuables and most of all, your chickens!

Buck and Spot on their way to their first vet appointment.


Spot is the one standing guard over her brother. They were abandoned near our farm and he had badly abraded pads on his feet. We suspect somebody tossed them out onto a concrete bridge near our home. They are both great dogs.
What a darling little dog!!! Yorkies were originally rat catchers and so are Jack Russells. Both will go after chickens and anything else. You are going to have your hands full but he will be worth it. One thing for sure, you won't get bored. You have to make sure he doesn't either because if he does you may not like what he finds to do to amuse himself. He will make you a wonderful friend and companion.
I have a Jack Rusell who is pretty calm with our chickens, even our sheep! We can usually leave him out with the hens and roosters and if the roosters' fight he tends to stop them

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