Anyone have a sample letter that they sent to HOA asking to keep BYC?

I am very interested in the same. I have 6 illegals in our backyard/wooded area. The neighbors on both sides are fine with them and love the eggs. I just hope someone out walking doesn't hear the egg song.
I think I would get caught very quickly if I tried to keep them illegally because our lots are so small and neighbors are pretty close.
I have a feeling I am probably going to be unsucessful in persuading my HOA. When I first approached them, they acted shocked that chickens were even allowed in Raleigh. I guess they have been living under a rock because it is very popular and there is an annual tour in Raleigh of people's backyard coops.
Good luck to you too! I will let you know how it goes.
How do your silkies do with your other breeds?
Attached below is the letter that I used, to start the ball rolling on getting the county ordinance changed to allow most of the county residential zoned land to allow chickens. As you can see I started last year on July 6th in which I handed to the Coounty Planning & Zoning Committee the letter below. It took many committee meetings and two public hearings to get the ordinance passed. At the two pubic hearing, we had about 10 to 15 folks in attends that were all in favor of the ordinance change. This last month, May 17, 2011, the chicken ordinance went to the 21 supervisors that makes up the county board. The new ordinance passed with 20 yes votes and only one no vote.

I did not get much support other than some correspondence from one member of this group, (Thanks) and the folks that attended the county public hearing on this hopeful new ordinance. I honestly thought that there was only a very slight chance of the ordinance passing and was totally shocked by the 95% approval vote by the county board of supervisors.

Here is the link to the new county ordinance. [/
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is the link on a letter that I wrote & was published in three local newspapers.

It took a little over 10 months, it was not hard work, I had wrote a few polite, simple educational letters to the P & Z committee and a few to the county board of supervisors. I also attended every county P & Z meeting, and many townships meetings, when this topic was on the agenda.

I am glad that you are working honestly to have the right to own chickens.

Respectfully, Ben

Your name July 6, 2010
City, State, Zip

Oneida County Planning & Zoning Committee
Oneida County Courthouse, One Oneida Ave.
Committee Room #2, 2nd Floor
Rhinelander, WI 54501

Reference: Zoning ordinance change to allow for urban / backyard chickens

Dear Committee Members,

All over this country, municipalities are changing their zoning ordinances to allow people to raise chickens and ducks in their back yards. A pertinent example of a larger municipality that allows this type of regulated zoning can be found in Madison, Wisconsin located in Dane County. Considering the population difference between Oneida and Dane county, it becomes readily apparent that the residents of Oneida County live in a much more rural setting, and zoning laws should certainly be at least as amenable to this type of activity as the zoning committee of Madison was.

Enclosed with this letter you will find a copy of a DVD entitled “Mad City Chickens”. This documentary provides a brief historical perspective on raising poultry in back yards, the city of Madison zoning committee process, and the how public dialogue from city residents helped to change the zoning laws that ultimately afforded people the right to raise chickens and ducks in their backyards.

With this in mind, I am requesting the members of the Oneida County Zoning Committee to research whether such a change in regulated zoning could benefit our citizenry by allowing them to raise chickens and/or ducks on their residential property. Furthermore, if an adhoc committee is formed to aid in the discussion and research on this issue, I would like to a member of this committee. Below please find three websites on this topic. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Your Name

((((((Edited for the reason I had 1st copied my rough draft in, instead of the final draft.)))))))
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I am glad that you are working honestly to have the right to own chickens.

Thanks Ben!! That is very helpful and give me some hope that I can change my neighborhood HOA rules. The city of Raleigh has allowed them for years!
I don't want to get my chickens to end up having to give them away because I am breaking rules even if I don't agree with them....

Soo.............Have you gotten your chicks yet????
Not yet. This summer my wife and I are building a nice large coop and pen. I think we will have about $2K plus into the project. I hope to have a photo record of this process when we start next month. I am a home builder / remodeler and right now I have a busy schedule. Next spring we will start with our group of 8 chickens.
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