Anyone have any idea how my chicken died?

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    I live in WA. The chickens have their coop, their run, then outside of their run they have the option of going out into the yard with the goats. I altered their door the other day to make it taller so the goats could stop going into their coop, but short enough for the chickens to be able to fly ontop of without much effort. My chickens take awhile to learn so they've been in their coop. I went out there today and I didn't see anything but chickens, I didn't do my usual count. An hour later I go to look at them, no chicken is in sight and all I see are feathers, my first though was maybe there was a fight? I look closer, there's guts and some other organ parts with some food. I was out in the goats barn working, and I'm pretty sure I would have seen the pile of feathers and guts the first time I went out there, so I have no idea what happen. Was it a hawk? I kinda assumed when a hawk eats a chicken, they take the whole chicken, or did the hawk penetrate the chicken in the coop and ate her in there until the hawk was done? If that happen, I would also imagine her skin would be there. I'm honestly really ******, I don't mess with wild animals, wild animals shouldn't be messing with the domesticated. Behind my yard there is a wildlife low land, meaning no one can build property there. There are enough mice in the fields there so why interfere with my chickens? I really want to just go out, get a rifle, and start shooting everyone I see. I've only had the chickens for 3 months.

    Update: No dog, cat, or goat would have killed the chickens. My dog was with me the whole time, my cat would not eat a chicken and the chickens were raised with her when they were babies, she has never made an attempt to touch them before, she's killed mice before though, but she never ate them, so there's no way any of my animals could have done this. Our yard is all fenced up so it's unlikley a coyote would have done it, especially when it's harder to get into the chicken run than it is to get into the goats barn.

    This was some brutal hawk. I have 6 goats and a 50 pound mutt that runs around with the goats and chickens, I'm sure his scent has rubbed off on all the barn animals so that hawk was pretty ballsy... What can I do to prevent this from happening again? I'm still confused as to why there was even parts of guts and food left. And will they attack my chihuahua? Or are they able to recognize the difference between a predator and prey?

    Also, is it possible that the chickens could have ate her? The chickens can eat their own eggs, so what would stop them from eating her if maybe she was already dead? I don't know, they do have food though in their coop. I've never seen my chickens fight, just kinda give eachother these loooks like one is trying to dominate the other or something.

    Important update: I have two roosters too, so how on Earth would that have happen? Or is it because they're too young? I heard one of them try to croak a few times, the second rooster is two weeks younger than the first.
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  2. Hawks have been known to enter a pop door chasing chickens that they intend to eat. Most hawks can not carry chickens off, so they eat what they can while watching for other predators. When the hawk entered my daughter's coop he fatally injured the hen before the rooster attacked him and broke his wing. That hawk entered the covered run through a 4 inch hole.
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    Roosters need to be mature and able to operate where hawk can not get above them to be effective.
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