Anyone have any success with "Rooster Booster?"


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Jun 8, 2011
It's supposed to keep the chickens from pecking at an injured hen/rooster. I bought some today. My rooster pulled some feathers loose and when she bled a bit all the other hens started pecking at her. (Although this is mostly conjecture. I didn't see him on her, but I did see all then hens pecking at her, and she did lay an egg later) I'm letting my hen heal up for a week or so and then will put her back with the other ones. When I do I want to put this on her to keep them from hurting her again.
Rooster booster? As in the blue goo that hides scabs & blood? You want to put this on any time you see red areas, as chickens are attracted to red.

I have "Rooster Booster" that is a dry mix of electrolytes- it goes in their drinking water.
See if you can separate the injured one until it is healed. It happened once to one of our girls. They left her alone after that.
Rooster Booster did not work for me. Blu Kote was only a little better, and you have to keep putting it on. Had more luck separating the one with missing feathers out for awhile. I did see something on a pet show yesterday to keep animals from chewing/picking called "bitter apple" - doesn't do anything but taste really bad. They used it on a ferret, and was wondering if it was safe/would work for chickens. The ferret hated it.

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