Anyone have Blue swedish?

I dont know what the current price for them is, but we have had Swedish and really enjoyed them. In my opinion, they kind of fall in the middle as far as duck temperment.
We have blue swedish. Our ducks are great! They are great egg layers. (We get $3/dozen when we sell them for eating). Not everyone likes the idea of eating duck eggs though, so we sell many more chicken eggs. We don't have any pure bred drakes, so we don't sell hatching eggs. Our swedish are a bit skiddish, but are not unfriendly, unless broody and then they just are protecting their nest. We did sell our mixed swede/runner ducklings for $5 each.
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Great thanks. I have a chance to buy eggs for 1.00 a piece. I only want a few ducklings so I'll sell off any extra's. Are they hard to hatch like calls?
We hatched 8 out of 8 swede eggs in an incubator, the broodies didn't do as well. they only hatched out 1 but that was after they gave up their nest and gave it to the runners who were broody.
My 12 year old DS did the hatching in a still air LG and hand turned twice a day. He did a great job.
I think $1/egg is a good price! I love my Swedish ducks
I sell ducklings for $6 each while they're still downy, after they're fully feathered I ask $10 each. I also think duck eggs are pretty easy to incubate; I have great luck with them

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