Anyone have Classic, Golden, Big-Bloomered Buff Orps?

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Brickman House

10 Years
Feb 24, 2009
Hi All!

Our family's been feeling our way around chicken-keeping for the last few years, and (to no one's surprise here, I'm sure) we've become hooked! We've slowly built a small, mixed flock of 20 laying hens, 8 ducks, and 2 geese. They roam the fenced acre of our property right outside our back door, and we have such a great time with them.

Our daughter has completely fallen in love with the sturdy, good natured, fluffy-butt Buff Orpingtons, and has evidenced an interest in breeding them. We're willing to help her build a smart breeding program, and have no problem building her a separate coop and run for her birds. We also have a reliable incubator for eggs.

We're regular readers of BYC (and we love it!) but we're having a hard time hooking up with quality Buff Orpington breeders. We're open to hatching eggs, day-olds, or grown birds.

Can anyone give us recommendations for Buff Orpington breeders to talk to and also to get birds from?

Thanks in advance!
Great choice! You see so many people working on the other colors- seems nobody pays attention to the buffs anymore. Where are you located? There are a few people in the TN/GA area that I know of. Post an ad in the "want to buy" section

I had some hatchery girls, and sold them so I could get rid of a roo. Biggest mistake I ever made with my flock. I miss the beauty that they brought to the flock. Had to start all over with chicks.
Check with Jody and Charlie(hinkjc). They've got the most beautiful Buff Orps, and I just had an awesome hatch. Out of 24 eggs they sent, I hatched 18 of those big fluffy butts. Good luck!
I second that on Hinkjc - they have beautiful birds. I haven't gotten any, yet, but they are on my list, and that's who I plan to contact.
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