Anyone have experience with having a very small cornish rock?


11 Years
Jan 22, 2009
East Lake, NC
I have 94 cornish rocks and 1 out of the bunch just doesn't exactly look like a cornish but I'm pretty sure it is, ie. bald spots like the others had. I'm sure its a cockeral, at least as far as comparing the comb and wattles on this one and the others but it's maybe less than half the size of the rest and still has quite a bit of fuzz where as the others are just about fully feathered now. I just took a couple of pictures for comparison so you can somewhat see what I mean. I separated the one from the rest today because I'm worried that he'll end up getting trampled by the bigger ones. Anyone have any advise? I don't really wanna keep him in the house or I'll end up getting attached to a meat bird and I really don't want to do that.
This is the one I'm talking about

And this is one of the smaller ones from the rest


ETA: They're all 4 weeks old
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