Anyone have experience with Lymphoid Leukosis ?

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    Oct 4, 2011
    My rooster has been ill for about a month now. He has a hard time standing up in the morning and tends to flop around for a bit. Then once he's up he's OK and walks around. If he tries to bend down to pick at grass or food he has moments of imbalance but does not fall. He tends to get weary of walking after awhile though and prefers to sit if there is nothing of much interest entertaining him. The only time he really has trouble is in the morning I think because he has been sitting all night, not sure what this means though. His poop was runny but he was having some normal solid looking ones lately. There are sort of green brown color. He is molting right now, but I doubt that is the issue. His poop is not foamy so I don't think he has worms. I have isolated him and he has been sleeping in the garage at night. I gave him a bath and looked for signs of mites or lice and didn't find anything. Soooo....I am wondering if he may have Lymphoid Leukosis. He is still eating and drinking, and his comb is a nice red color and his eyes look bright and healthy. Has anyone experienced Lymphoid Leukosis? If so how quickly do the birds die. Can they hold on like this for months? I just hope its not that. He is currently on Duramycin 10. It doesn't seem to be helping though.[​IMG]
    Does this sound like it could be Lymphoid Leukosis ?
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

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