Anyone have experience with Murray Mcmurray Hatchery's Special Assorted Bargain?

Discussion in 'Chicken Breeders & Hatcheries' started by newchickenista, Feb 19, 2014.

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    Jan 25, 2012
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    Anyone have experience with Murray Mcmurray Hatchery's Special Assorted Bargain?

    I'm not picky about breed, I really like the idea of an assortment.

    I wonder if anyone has ever ordered this and what your experience was? Were you pleased with what you received? Or did you get 25 RIR roosters?
  2. Kelsie2290

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    Feb 18, 2011
    I've ordered that assortment from MCM, kept track of two recently so far as what the chicks turned out to be ...
    2012 I ordered 25 the end of May, they sent 26, all chicks survived, they turned out to be:
    Cochin, Black (1M/1F), Cochin, Silver Laced (1M/1F), Langshan, Black (2M), BBOEG (3M/1F), EEs (2M/1F, Hamburg, Spangled (1M), Langshan, White (1F), Cochin, Blue (1F), Maran, Cuckoo (1M), Rock, White (1M/1F), Cornish, Light (1F), Leghorn, Brown (2M/1F), BLRW (3F- all 3 were splash)
    Last year I ordered 15 in Feb?, they sent 16, all lived. 8 featherlegged, 1 Cochin, Partridge(M), 3 Cochins, White (2M/1F),
    2 Cochins, Black (1M/1F), 2 Langshans, Black (1M/1F), also a White Giant (M), Sumatra (M), 1 EE (F), 2 Minorcas, Buff, (both F), 1 BBOEG (M), 2 Leghorn, Brown (1M/1F)
    I was impressed with the # of different breeds and the sex ratio was pretty good both times also... I do like these kinds of assortments since you often wind up with breeds you wouldn't have ordered, but that you wind up liking.
  3. Ladydane

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    Nov 14, 2013
    If I remember correctly, the set I got was the 'straight run assorted', similar to this. Received the initial 25, 1 exotic, and they threw in 1 extra. All survived, all big chickens except for a pair of Silver Spangled Hamburgs. I got a couple of Barred Rock males that look like small turkeys in size. Big chickens! I'm working on sending pictures of those I can't identify as they are over 4 months old now. I will have to cull or sell some of the roosters; I think I've got 11 hens and 15 roos; lost one to a dog. I gotta keep the Turkin though! I could have as many as a dozen different breeds here, not sure. Can't compare to any other hatchery as McMurray is the only one I've ordered from, but when I picked them up at the Post Office they were all healthy and peeping like crazy! I understand that McMurray often sends one or two extra with the assorted or bargain orders. They appear to pay fairly good attention to their breeding practices. I ordered this particular group because (1) I didn't know a thing about chickens but I had to start somewhere and (2) the price was good for what I got.

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