Anyone have experience writing a petition to remove restrictions from their land?


May 22, 2012
Pleasant Hill, Tn
My Coop
My Coop
I posted this on ds and they suggested I ask here. I did get two momas that said they could help proof-read. :)

I'm not the best at wording things or spelling. I'm super nervious about this. I need to write apetition. Our land has restrictions, no clovis hooves. When we purchased this place it was to become our mini-homestead. The realitor said any animal. I didn't look at the small print while signing the deed.
Aparently a HUGE land purchaser bought the land years back and broke it up into parcels to sell. Called it a subdivision and sold. Slaped some restrictions in there as well. I actually talked to them and while they were helpfull with some tips, not really all that much help, kwim. Cayden'ts (our eldest little boy) health all rides on this. We need to be raiseing our own meat, dairy, ect. His allergist is confident he would do great with raw cow/goat milk. He would also benifit from grass fed meats, not high hormone soy/grain fed. Who knows what elese. I have to get, crap I forgot, 65%-75% of the neighbors to sign. Most have already said they don't pay attention to the restrictions and we should just get animals.I was only told to get the signatures of % of the neighbors. Not land owners, just go door to door. I have no clue what to even do with it when I'm done? I guess I could call the city council, if I ever have the time to get that far, and see about a meeting. I sure can't do the lawer thing. It's just such a HUGE undertakeing, I'm processing one tiny step at a time. We have 2 plans though. Either get the rules removed and buy the neighboring property, or sell and move on. We REALLY want to stay!

I need to get the ball moveing and figure this out. I've neglected it for too long now.

If anyone out there reading this could offer tips, experiencees, wording help, a free online form that can be altered to my situation and printed (link), ANYTHING!!!!!

I'm in a desperate situation here momas, this has become our home.